1. Asylselskabet

  2. web


  1. The Management clarifies the values of each nursery.

  1. The content of the 10 websites is decided emphasizing similarities and differences.

  1. Design and test of websites.

  1. Production of 18 videos including interviewing managers, staff members and parents from all nine nurseries.

  1. All videos and sites are audience tested before relished.

  1. Management and selected staff members are educated to use their websites to support internal and external management communication tasks.


zoomstory develops and produces a digital and value based concept that is appealing to present and potential parents and employees.


  1. Asylselskabet, and its nine nurseries manage to communicate both internally and externally.

  1. Asylselskabet attracts new parents and their children to their nurseries.

  1. Asylselskabet attracts new staff members to all nine nurseries who fit to the individual nurseries profile.

  1. Asylselskabet and its nine nurseries become visible and stand out among hundreds of nurseries in Copenhagen.

Social media - zoomstory creates a web based recruitment site for the umbrella organization, Asylselskabet, and its 9 nurseries. See the site including its 10 websites and 18 videos