zoomstory is an agency that blend communication and human resource management working with change management campagns, social innovation and user-driven processes in interaction with social media.


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zoomstory was established in 2004 as an agency working with change management, social innovation and user-driven processes in interaction with social media.

Our agency also houses a movie production company fully equiped with professional digital gear for video production and user-driven communication processes.

zoomstory is involved in an ongoing process developing and implementing new concepts, methods, tools and communication products in order to vitalize and support human and organizational change processes in public and private companies.

zoomstory engages in numerous projects as well as movie productions combining knowledge, experiences  and theory from such fields as strategic communication, aesthetic learning, journalism and visual storytelling.

Our projects, products and promotional tasks run for days, weeks, months or even years. They typically have a strong human and social dimension that involve the participants to produce their own user-driven videos.

The aim of our work is to create mutual understanding, to enhance and effeciensy human interaction, and to promote and raise attention towards a certain agenda it be internal og external.

Our movie productions range from corporate image film advocating for global change to videos created for national organizations such as a local Government, a Ministry or a learning department.