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zoomstory develop and carry out a campaign where employees create their own authentic films. The campaign contains of four elements:

  1. zoomstory and Halsnæs Municipality host a casting event for all employees.

  1. zoomstory interview selected employees who tell personal jobrelated stories, and afterwards turn their own stories into film at a workshop.

  1.   zoomstory edit interview, film clips and takes from the workshop into three short films about being loving, professional and tough at work.

  1. First the films are shown at an internal film premiere at City Hall. Second the films are distributed through the municipality's website. And third the films are shown in local and regional cinemas as commercials.


Halsnæs Municipality wants to involve employees from the healthcare sector in a user-driven and experience based branding campaign.


  1. The campaign raises employee pride and communicates it to the outside world.

  1. The campaign has a high degree of credibility and reliability because employees tell and film their own personal stories.

  1. The employees get an ownership to the campaign through their participation and become everyday ambassadors.

  1. Today Halsnæs Municipality has no difficulties maintaining and recruiting employees in the filed of healthcare.

Halsnæs Municipality maintains and recruits employees in the healthcare sector through a user-driven branding campaign. See photo of employees creating their own videos about being tough, loving and professional at their job.